You’ve Found the Center for Fun!

Glenwood Springs is Fun Town because there are so many fun things to do and the town is known as a perfect location for people to meet and reunite. Situated at the Western Slope of Colorado we are nearly midway between Denver and Grand Junction. Many people “split the difference” to get together when parties are separated by the Continental Divide.

And located perfectly in Glenwood Springs is Hotel Glenwood Springs. Here we have 72 rooms that will take care of any mixture of travelers ranging from rooms with one King sized bed to Suites. Once you arrive at Hotel Glenwood Springs there is so many fin things to do and discover when you are in this beautiful area. The possibilities are nearly limitless if you are looking for relaxation, outdoor adventure or just a good photo op with your group.


One of the most popular locations is Hanging Lake which is located about 7 miles east of Glenwood Springs. Hanging Lake is a clear pristine small lake that is the great reward after an arduous mile long hike up a fairly well maintained hiking trail. Hanging Lake is a rare example of a lake formed by travertine deposition where the natural geologic and hydro-logic processes continue to operate as they have done throughout the history of the lake. The site is also noteworthy for its t hanging garden plant community. Because of these qualities Hanging Lake was designated a National Natural Landmark by the Secretary of the Interior in 2011. Before venturing out to Hanging Lake, please remember that fishing and dogs are not allowed in the area.



Another fun day trip that is available to travelers when visiting Glenwood Springs is the small historic town of Redstone. Redstone is located about 25 miles from Glenwood Springs on the very scenic Highway 133. Founded in 1902 by as a coal mining town, Redstone has endured the Great Depression and somewhat remote location ‘back in the day” to survive as a real jewel in the Roaring Fork Valley. Redstone Inn is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch or dinner and imbibe in times gone by. Keep in mind that Redstone is a very small town. The Census taken in 2010 counted 130 residents in the town, but despite the small permanent residency, this quaint town is a very popular visitor’s stop.

Many people have heard of Aspen as the Colorado hub for the rich and famous. Well…it is. In typical driving conditions, Aspen is about a 45 minute drive from Glenwood Springs to Aspen up Highway 82 which is actually Grand Avenue (the Main Street) in Glenwood Springs. Aspen has great and affordable places to eat, and shop and is a great place to people watch on the Main Street Mall. Who knows, you might see someone you have seen on the big screen.<



If you continue up Highway 82 through Aspen, one of the most remarkable drives is an excursion over Independence Pass. This is a high mountain pass with an elevation of 12,095 feet when you finally arrive at the summit of the Continental Divide. It is the second highest pass with an improved road in the state of Colorado. Because of its remote location the pass is closed during the winter and typically opens around Memorial Day weekend. Independence Pass is a great scenic route to and from the Front Range if the season allows it and if you have a little bit more time to enjoy the scenery.

Although there is much to do in Glenwood Springs, there is also much to do around Glenwood Springs with Hotel Glenwood Springs being your hub for fun and adventure.