The Big Blue Slide at Our Glenwood Springs Pool

Hotel Glenwood Springs is a unique place to stay when visiting Colorado.  Sure, we have great rooms, a fantastic and attentive staff and wonderful location but we also have something that no other hotel on the Western Slope has… A big blue slide at our Glenwood Springs pool and indoor waterpark!

Now this slide is not just a slip from the top to the bottom in a straight forward fashion.  This slide has curves.

At nearly two stories high the big blue slide is definitely one of the main attractions here.  Standing at the top of the stairs looking down on the slippery blue twists and turns is tantamount to looking down the barrel of fun.

The slide starts with a downward preparatory drop before a hard accelerating turn to the right.  Water begins to lift you off the blue slide surface as you continue to gather speed.  Suddenly you feel the huge smile on your face become immense as you descend further into a hard left hairpin turn until finally you are spit out at the bottom of the slide into the warm frothing water.  7 seconds of fun that will be repeated many times and remembered for many years by all who give it a go!

We recently had a couple celebrating their 20th anniversary by going down the slide 20 times.  Congratulations Clarissa and Ben from Delevan, Indiana!!

The big blue slide is a plaything for all ages.  Grandmothers have gone down the slide with their Grandchildren and have laughed all the way down. Stone faced uncles have giggled like school children as they race down the slide.  Basically the big blue slide is a bringer of smiles and a cause for wonderful memories.

Come try the big blue slide soon and make your own memories.

The indoor Glenwood Springs pool for guests at Hotel Glenwood Springs also has other features that will add to the fun.  We have a basketball hoop for improving your in water layups.  There is a kid slide shaped like a lion.  The little ones actually get to slide down the tongue of the lion, very unique and fun and there is a relaxing Rain Tree that drips water on your head as you laze your way across the pool.

The indoor pool is unique, fun and could be a highpoint of your next vacation.  Come and try it all out and find out why we are the center of “fun town.”

The Lobby and front desk are undergoing a transformative renovation. We expect the renovations to be completed by mid-April. During this time, the Hotel will still be open and operating as normal. We are confident that you will be thrilled when all of this work is completed.