Pizza Cave Now at Hotel Glenwood Springs

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Pizza Cave in the lobby of Hotel Glenwood Springs! We have listened to our customers and we understand that having a food option in the hotel will fill a much needed demand for an easy and delicious lunch or dinner after a long day out and about in and around Glenwood Springs.  We have created this fantastic food option so that your family can relax after a busy day and enjoy a great family meal in the confines and comfort of the hotel.

We felt this seldom used area of our lobby could be put to better use!

We felt this seldom used area of our lobby could be put to better use!

To begin, the Pizza Cave is open from 3pm-11pm, serving fresh and delicious pizzas, ice cream, soda, and other wonderful treats.  As soon as we can, we will expand the hours of operation, as well as food and beverage offerings to include popcorn, salads, sandwiches, shakes, smoothies, beer, wine, and other delectable treats!  Our new setup in the lobby is intended to create a fun social family environment, complete with board games and a fireplace for a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Our new "Pizza Cave" nearing completion

Our new “Pizza Cave” nearing completion

The Pizza Cave aims to put a smile on the face of the whole family.  Indeed, we hope that your stay at the Hotel Glenwood Springs will create memories that will last a lifetime.  So whether you have a family dinner at the Pizza Cave or simply decide to have some ice cream or soda while taking a break from the waterslide in our pool, we’ll see you there with a smile!


The Hotel Glenwood Springs will also still be providing a free pizza from Dominos or the Pizza cave, and board game of your choice to take home with you if you stay with us for three or more nights