Going Green in Glenwood Springs

Hotel Glenwood Springs is located in West Glenwood and is in a perfect location to get out and enjoy some of the sights and experiences in the Roaring Fork Valley. At Hotel Glenwood Springs we have a program for our guests to participate in if they stay more than one night. This popular program is called “Going Green in Glenwood Springs”.



This program enables us to reduce the consumption of water, electricity, cleaning products and also extends the life of our linens and terry products. It has been very popular since its inception in May of 2011. It also reduces the amount of waste water as our washing machines have to wash fewer towels and sheets each day.

Here is how it works: When a guest checks in, the front desk agent will see how many nights the guest will be staying. If they are staying more than one night the agent will present the program by saying “I see that you are staying more than one night. We have a program here at the hotel for guests that stay more than one night where if you decline having our housekeeping staff coming into the room and clean it for you, we will offer you a $5 voucher valid at the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company which is a very family friendly restaurant in downtown Glenwood Springs. If you need additional items while you are here, you are more than welcome to come to the front desk to exchange used items for new. Would you be interested in participating?”

We have found that nearly 40% of all of our guests accept the Going Green program. Many see the benefit of reducing, reusing and recycling. Not to mention that they get a great incentive at a wonderful local restaurant.

Also as a general rule as well, we recycle as much paper, plastic and glass as possible. We have bins in the laundry room that are filled regularly with items that would have ended up in the local landfill if we had not taken the effort on our own as a staff, and encouraged our guests to recycle them. The recyclable items are picked up by a local waste removal company every week.

Each morning at Hotel Glenwood Springs we present a continental breakfast. All of the items used to serve the breakfast to our guests are recyclable including the utensils, plates, cups and napkins. These items are cleaned up each day by our staff and recycled by the waste removal company.

As a company we are very conscious of our precious resources in Colorado and we do all that we can to preserve them through reducing, reusing and recycling. We have found that our guests are very conscious of our efforts and hopefully, our efforts will be contagious encouraging more individuals and businesses to do the same.